Below Deck Camille Lamb squats in ʙικιɴι as she teases peek at saucy OnlyFans

Below Deck star Camille Lamb has turned up the heat with new snaps showing her in a skimpy white ʙικιɴι.

The reality icon took to Instagram to pose up a storm in a string ʙικιɴι that showed off her curves as she squatted by the pool.

For her saucy snap, Camille squatted down and held her hands by her waist as she gazed at the camera.

She wore her long blonde hair in front of her face as she pouted, her eyes outlined with black eyeliner while her lips were accentuated by ɴuᴅᴇ lipstick.

Camille’s locks blew in front of her face as she turned her head to the side to show off her figure.

She wore a tiny white triangle ʙικιɴι top held together by string while her skimpy bottoms cut off high above her hips to cinch in her waist.

The swimsuit featured gold accents and strings that hung down from her sides.

Lamb showed off a bit of side boob and her washboard stomach to the camera, while the bright white ʙικιɴι only made her tan stand out even more.

She crouched on a patch of green grᴀss in front of a white stall, while behind her a large waterfall feature crashed over white marble in the middle of a clear blue pool.

The marble, wood fence and green hedges provided the reality star with the perfect background for her sultry pH๏τoshoot.

She took to Instagram to upload the picture and included a link that read “Camille-fans” to her exclusive OnlyFans profile.

Elsewhere on Camille’s Instagram story, she shared a short video of herself walking up to the mirror in a pair of midriff-baring blue jeans.

The trousers flaunted her toned stomach while a white collared vest cut off high above her waist.

She wore her icy blonde locks over her shoulders and held her iPhone up to her face as she gazed at herself in the reflection.

Camille held one hand out to the side and smiled sweetly as she recorded her pose.

Behind her was a white wall, white blinds, white curtains and white bed sheets which gave the room a modern look.