Dua Lipa showcases her beauty in a tiny red ʙικιɴι while quenching her thirst.

The pH๏τos showed Dua lounging on the grᴀss wearing red-rimmed sunglᴀsses and a tiny red ʙικιɴι.

Dua’s stringy ensemble featured a few pieces of PVC material, connected with expertly crafted strings to hold the swimsuit in place.

She sported French manicure tips and held a bottle of Evian water in her hand. The personalized water bottle said her name, Dua, on the front.

Dua offered a closer look at the custom bottle in the second pH๏τo, which showed the view from neck to waist. She wore an oversized chrome pink flower that looked like a hibiscus around her neck with a birthday ribbon attached. She accessorized with a silver and pink bracelet on her wrist.

The barely visible ʙικιɴι showed off plenty of skin and revealed the toned body that Dua has worked so hard to achieve with lots of yoga. The red ʙικιɴι featured silver chains around the waist and hips.

The third pH๏τo showed Dua lying on her back with the bottle of Evian prominently displayed.

Dua made a funny face in the fourth picture as she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

Her caption read: “hydration is key @evianwater ??”.

Evian is just one of the brands that Dua represents.

Dua Lipa launches new promotion for YSL Libre

PH๏τographer Tyler Mitchell brought YSL Libre to life with a short film packed with symbolism, including an eagle.

The latest campaign with Dua had the singer belting out George Michael’s hit song Freedom, a perfect choice because Libre means “free” in French. The song was a full circle moment for Dua, who previously shared her love for the artist.