Elle Brooke says boxing is ‘legal way’ of ‘beating some sense’ into people she dislikes

OnlyFans’ star Elle Brooke says boxing is a “legal way” of “beating some sense’” into people she dislikes, as she continues to call out rivals to join her in the ring

OnlyFans’ star Elle Brooke says boxing is a “legal way” of “beating some sense’” into people you dislike.

The social media sensation has taken her popularity as an influencer to take online rivalries into the ring, in a series of high profile bouts.

She’s now taken to Twitter to share the benefits of duking it out with people she’s feuding with.

“Influencer boxing is basically an amazing opportunity to get into the ring with people you dislike and have a legal way of beating some sense into them lol,” she said.

Anyone challenged by Brooke might want to think twice before stepping into the ring as Ebanie ‘The Blond Bomber’ Bridges claimed that she has one of the hardest punches she’s come across.

In an interview earlier this month the IBF female bantamweight тιтle holder, 36, made the bold statement as she shared she had initially been hesitant about Elle’s ability when she first started out in the sport.

Influencer boxers like Brooke have faced backlash from traditional boxing fans, but Bridges hailed the work she’s put in to take up the sport.

“She literally was dedicated, disciplined like we all are – like you need to be as a boxer,” Bridges told the Best Womens Boxing Show.

“She took it seriously and, wow, her improvements – that’s why I’m in her corner man and that’s why I root for her so much because I see the work she puts in, how hard she works and how disciplined and dedicated she is to wanting to be better.”

Bridges also added: “This is no word of a lie, she might be one of the hardest punches I’ve actually been in a ring with. No word of a lie. She fu– she hits so hard.”

Recently Elle called out fellow adult content creator Astrid Wett for “ducking her” and picking out an “easy opponent” for a boxing match.

The pair were set to face off against one another in the squared circle, but the fight was called off due to safety concerns on Wett’s side.