Fitness Trainer Mariana Morais Teases Sheer ‘Backless Dresses During H๏τ Summer’

Model Mariana Morais is trying to find the perfect dress for a H๏τ summer!

Although it’s already September, the popular fitness trainer is still enjoying the heat on vacation and showing off her fit physique in a stunning backless dress!

Fitness Trainer Mariana Morais’ Dress Is So Sheer It’s Practically See-Through!

In a recent Instagram video set to Elsooyer’s “Divine Failure,” the social media sensation flaunted her curves in a sheer dress that did not leave much to the imagination and was so thin it was practically see-through!

She occasionally gives fans a side view of her outfit when she lies on her back on the table, but she keeps the angle focused primarily on the back of the dress as she whips her long hair around.

The text over the video reads, “The perfect backless dress doesn’t exi-“ In the caption, she wrote, “Backless dresses during H๏τ summer.” Fans couldn’t resist gushing over her steamy video.

“Whoever or whatever made us gave her extra good-looking genes,” one fan commented. “Wow absolutely stunning. You really are an angel,” another follower wrote. “She’s the total package. Just beautiful,” a third fan chimed in.

Mariana Has Been Rocking A Lot Of Gorgeous Dresses This Summer!

In yet another Instagram post shared only one day before her backless video, Mariana stood outside to show off a white dress with a high slit as she modeled next to an outdoor fire pit.

Her long hair is pulled back out of her face as she moves through a series of poses, wearing dangling earrings and open-toe sandals to show off her pedicure.

“Her softness is her power,” she wrote in the caption. “She is in ALL its splendor,” one fan gushed. “Genuinely no one is on your level!!!” another follower exclaimed. “That doorway is unreal!!!” a third fan chimed in.

“When they distributed perfection, you took it all,” another follower teased. “She’s pure beauty,” another fan gushed.

Mariana Morais Proves That She Looks Good In ANYTHING!

In another Instagram video, Mariana recruited her best friend to rate some of her outfits. She starts off wearing a two-piece black lacy dress with a little jellyfish detail on the side. She then put on a “classy” strappy dress that did not leave much to the imagination.

In the comments, fans questioned how “classy” that second dress really was. “Cutest personality ever,” one fan commented. “OMG love it. You are so amazing gorgeous,” another follower wrote. “Ha. I’m more interested in what a ‘bad’ outfit on you looks like,” a third fan chimed in.

“You girls got to understand it is not the dress that’s beautiful it’s the body wearing the dress that’s beautiful which makes the dress Sєxy,” another follower commented. “Please take this as motivation to take care of your body and health.”

Mariana Has Also Found The ‘Perfect’ Hair

In another Instagram video set to Kenya Grace’s song “Strangers,” Mariana shook out her hair and smoldered for the camera wearing a white short-sleeve crop top and matching high-waisted skirt to show off “what I consider my perfect shade of blonde,” or so says the text written across the video.

“Absolutely stunning. Omg the cutest ever,” one fan commented. “Perfection,” another follower wrote. “You are so stunning,” a third fan gushed. “It’s unreal how gorgeous you are,” another follower shared. “You make everything look stunning,” another fan chimed in. “What the world considers the perfect woman. SHEESH. You’re BEAUTIFUL!” another follower exclaimed.

“Looking good. So wonderful and H๏τ,” another fan gushed. “Omg, that’s so pretty,” another follower agreed. “So incredible,” another fan chimed in. “I was thinking the same. What do I consider the perfect blonde? Well, Mariana, of course!” another follower teased.