Lily Aldridge admits she is working out TWICE a day to keep her body in top shape ahead of this year’s

Lily Aldridge is taking her role as this year’s Fantasy Bra model at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show very seriously.

The 29-year-old beauty, who gave birth to her daughter Dixie in 2012, previewed the $2 million firework-themed lingerie in Santa Monica, California yesterday, and told Cosmopolitan she is in full training mode to strut down the runway later this month.

‘[I’m] eating healthy. Lots of roast chicken and vegetables, eating clean. I mostly cook my own food so I know everything that’s going into it. And I do a lot of Ballet Beautiful. I usually do two workouts a day leading up to the show,’ she revealed.

Asked about her double-session workouts, Lily shared: ‘I do an hour in the morning, and thirty minutes in the afternoon.

‘Or, I’ll switch it around. I’ll do 30 minutes of cardio, and then do [Ballet Beautiful] for an hour.’

Lily, who has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2010, said that she’s actually really enjoying her current health kick, and is going to be more than ready to rock the Fantasy Bra for the first time in her career.

‘I love working out, and I love when I have the time and I can really focus on it. It feels good. You have a goal and you accomplish it,’ she offered.

The stunner, who is married to King of Leon leader singer Caleb Followill, said that she is not trying to get down to a certain size before the show, but just wants to feel confident about her body.

And while working out twice a day may seem like a lot, Lily said her exercise routine in the weeks leading up to the catwalk show is not all that different from her usual fitness regimen.

‘I work out year round anyway because I work for Victoria’s Secret. And I’m an active person anyway so I enjoy it,’ she revealed.

Lily further shared that the one-of-a-kind bra, which took 685 hours of labor to create, was made specifically for her and molded to her body.

‘The day they told me, they whisked me to a room. There were people doing the cast on me, and then they built a bra around the cast,’ the model revealed.

She further shared that she was ‘totally surprised’ when she found out she would be the one donning the Fireworks Fantasy Bra during a Victoria’s Secret pH๏τo shoot in July.

‘I thought I was doing interviews for the fashion show and they like took me to this room and told me and cast me [in the bra] right away,’ she said.

Lily revealed that she won’t be wearing any padding under the bra at the fashion show, but did admit that the lingerie is ‘a little cold’ because of all the gem stones, diamonds and gold.

She went on to share that wearing the extravagant piece is ‘surreal’, saying: ‘I feel like $2 million!’

This year’s bra is adorned with more than 6,500 precious gems, including red garnet, blue topaz, yellow sapphire, and pink quartz – which are all set in 18 karat gold.

It was debuted on Monday in a Vogue video which saw Lily shimmying and shaking to the sound of a drum-roll while wearing the bra and matching Fireworks Panties.

It also features a detachable diamond belt, which the model was seen wearing over the cobalt blue panties.

And while Lily is shown dancing effortlessly in the lingerie, the bra is actually quite heavy. The total weight of the gem stones is 1,364 carats, while the diamonds weigh more than 375 carats.

Meanwhile, the panties are adorned with 126 diamonds and 400 other precious gems.

The bra’s design was inspired by the new Victoria’s Secret Very Sєxy Flirt bra, which hits stores on November 11.

Yesterday, Lily said she was extremely honored at being chosen to wear the bra, which was designed by Mouawad jewelers, and posted an Instagram pH๏τo of her striking a sultry pose in the eye-catching lingerie.

‘I can’t believe it’s finally been announced!’ she wrote, thanking Victoria’ Secret for choosing her and calling it an ‘amazing honor’.

Her pH๏τo has already received more than 83,000 likes and thousands of comments.

One person wrote: ‘Finally it’s your turn! Congrats,’ while another fan added: ‘You deserve it so much, Lily! I’m so happy for you. I’m sure you will rock the runway, like always!’

However, some people were not so pleased with Victoria’s Secret’s selection.

One user commented on the sH๏τ: ‘Lily is very dull,’ saying that the legacy of the Fantasy Bra has now been ‘destroyed’.

Other people said that the model didn’t deserve the honor, and that she had a ‘bad’ runway walk.

But fellow Victoria’s Secret beauty Gigi Hadid, 20, was excited for her pal, tweeting at Lily: ‘So happy for you Lils!’

Last year, the lingerie brand debuted two versions of the Fantasy Bra, which were worn by Alessandra Ambrosio, and Adriana Lima.

They rocked the dazzling $2 million Dream Angels Fantasy Bras, which were adorned with 16,000 rubies, diamonds and sapphires, at the catwalk show on December 2.

Over the past two decades, the bra has been worn by some of the industry’s biggest supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Gisele Bündchen.

The most expensive one was the $15 million Red H๏τ Fantasy Bra and Panties worn by Gisele, 35, in 2000.

On December 8, Lily can be seen wearing this year’s bra during the ‘Fireworks’ section of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.