Model pours curves into denim risqué top – but shoppers must be brave to wear it

Fashion Nova is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a night out or a day at the beach.

And now with festival season right around the corner, the Californian brand amazed shoppers with a new look.

Posting on Instagram, where it boasts 21.5million followers, it shared a series of sH๏τs with a model in a Sєxy style.

The caption read: “Your wishes have been answered! New denim fits have just arrived.

“Feelin’ Festival Vibes Denim Top.”

It features a hardware detail with a frayed hem and cross denim halter top.

The Sєxy top also comes with stud placement which Fashion Nova said “may vary”.

It does leave little to the imagination as the cross top comes with just two strings to cover the back.

And it exposes a lot of skin from the front with the small design covering the boob area.

Fans were left questioning it though since it was shared over the weekend when Coachella took place.

One wrote: “I’ll take the skirt, but the top and boots are way off to me.”

Another added: “That’s a little too much lol I’d be embarrᴀssed to wear this.”

A third commented: “Ridiculous,” while a fourth joked: “Good for Sunday at church.”

Other shoppers were keen on the look as some raved on about how much they loved it.

“I have this too, y’all buy it! It’s so cute,” said one.

While another gushed: “Love.”

One other shopper feared for their breasts if they bought it.

They wrote: “I don’t think this would sit on my boobs the same way.”

So would you be brave to wear this top?