‘Trolls call me sl*g who will never get boyfriend – and it’s because of my job’

A glamour model who was refused a neck tattoo for concerns she would be left jobless says she’s now trolled for stripping off on live TV.

Hannah Sofia, 32, has been a Babestation presenter for two years.

She described her time on screen as liberating but like many in the public eye, she has been targeted by trolls.

Some try to body shame her while others criticise her for the way she earns money.

Speaking to Daily Star about some cruel examples, she said: “Most of our customers are absolutely lovely but such is life you do get a couple of pretty nasty ones that slip through the radar.

“They come out of nowhere and just say some really obscene stuff to you and unfortunately there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

“When I worked nights it was worse, people can be pretty nasty on the phone.

“You get some calls on a Friday or Saturday night from groups who just think it’s funny and you hear people giggling in the background.

“I had one guy ring and he said ‘hi I just want you to know that you are a complete embarrᴀssment to yourself’.

“I was like ‘you are the one ringing up and paying me’ and he started stuttering his words and he was like ‘well I want a refund then’.”

Hannah, from Hertfordshire, added: “For me it’s just the principle of it that annoys me.

“I have heard from girls who have been attacked for their appearance, which is really nasty.

“But it is more people saying things like ‘you will never find a boyfriend, no man will accept this, you are a sl*g’ and things like that.

“Even though I know it is not true, those people perpetuate that stigma.”

Hannah, who used to work in Sainsbury’s, was a stripper and cam girl before setting herself up on Babestation.

And she said the overwhelming majority of her clients are respectful.

One man even stood out for serenading her on a private cam call.

She laughed: “I opened up his camera and he said ‘you are going to enjoy my show today’ and he was playing You Can Keep Your Hat on and he gave me a Full Monty strip tease.

“He was just brilliant. He made my day and I love people and days like that, some go out of their way to make you feel special at times.”

She also credited her racy job for providing her with a better quality standard of living.

Hannah explained: “The freedom of it is the best thing to be honest.

“Anyone who is self-employed knows how difficult it can be because you sacrifice things like holiday pay and things like that.

“But I can do whatever I want. I can work when I want and I can pick up another shift during the week if I want.

“It is financial freedom and I work less than I used to and I don’t have to work behind a desk either.

“It is just a lovely atmosphere and not what you would expect.”