Woman flaunts ‘belly pouch’ in ʙικιɴι to celebrate her natural bod

A woman flaunted her “belly pouch” in a ʙικιɴι to celebrate her natural and wobbly tum.

Izzie Rodgers boasts more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, as people love how she documents her skin journey and body positivity with such honesty.

She recently stripped to a ʙικιɴι to show how it’s normal for bodies to have shapely curves.

The content creator recently shared an “Instagram v Reality” post where she placed two snaps of herself side-by-side.

While one showed her posing, sucking in and looking lean, the other revealed her standing naturally with her relaxed bod on show.

In the natural snap her tummy is fuller, more shapely and also has natural creases – like most women.

Writing on Instagram, Izzie said: “What you see isn’t always what you get.

“When I was looking for inspiration on what content to get when I go skiing, these kind of ʙικιɴι pictures came up a lot so I thought I’d give you guys my version.

“Please remember you are a human being NOT an hour glᴀss.

“We all look different from every single angle and that’s because you are LIVING, BREATHING, MOVING creatures.

“The way my love has grown for my little belly pouch is just everything.

“Self love is all about changing your perspective and I hope this picture helps.”

Even though Izzie’s body looks different in each picture, her physique is amazing in both images too.

She looks confident and happy, as she reminded other women it’s completely normal for people not to look perfect 24/7.

Since she shared the pictures many people liked them and several commented too.

Izzie’s followers wanted to tell her how amazing they thought she looked, and how important her content is when it comes to helping others.

One person said: “It helps SO much, it really does.

“Thank you for being you.”

Another added: “Your changing the game sweetness.

“Your account can and does change and even save lives.”

A third also commented: “I love your little belly pouch. It’s the cutest.”