‘World’s Sєxiest tennis influencer’ drops ‘breathtaking selfie’ in tiny red bra

Fans have hailed Rachel Stuhlmann’s latest selfie as “breathtaking” after she sported a very low bra.

Stuhlmann is widely regarded as the ‘World’s Sєxiest Tennis Influencer’ for her series of audacious selfies, pH๏τo shoots, and videos. She has previously said her ambition is to carve herself out a sizeable chunk in the influencing space just like the former Sєxiest Woman Alive holder Paige Spiranac.

Instead of a five iron and a fairway, Stuhlmann opted for the racquet and court. And considering the many comments under her recent upload, she is certainly heading in the right direction.

In her latest upload, Stuhlmann opted for a very thin red bra, designed to provide a hefty uplift to her chest. As per usual, she also held the phone very low down when she snapped the selfie, to ensure everything she wants on sight if perfectly captured in the angle.

“Breathtaking! Enough said. Wow,” one overzealous fan wrote on social media. “Wow, you are gorgeous,” commented another.

“You’re looking so extremely beautiful,” one other admirer added while potentially crafting their own love letter for her at this very moment. And when you thought you may have been getting to the bottom of the compliments, another fan added, “you’re so beautiful and stunning!”

Considering Spiranac is regularly seen sporting low cut golf tops and minimalistic bras and swimsuits, it is very easy to see how Stuhlmann is trying to follow in her footsteps. “Tennis and golf are very similar sports,” she said, in an interview with Maxim.

“I respect what Paige (Spiranac) has done for the sport of golf so much! We have similar stories, and I aspire to continue to push the sport of tennis forward while being unapologetically me.”

She added, “there are a lot of girls kind of like me in golf, but there’s nothing really intense in tennis. And I’m like, ‘you know, you can be yourself, you can look a certain way and still be fun around this sport’.”